European honey or sugar?

European honey or  sugar?

Are you honey or sugar fan?

When you want to drink your coffee or tea, what do you prefer? Honey or sugar? What do you like most?

There are plenty of honey and sugar fans all over the world. But what are the advantages and disadvantages of both?


Let's find out!


Both honey and sugar are sweetening ingredients being used in plenty of foods and desserts.


Let's start with honey. Honey is primarily produced from the nectar that bees collect from flowers.

Depending on the plants and the area where the hives are located, the honey varieties are divided into pine honey, flower honey, thyme honey, and many more categories.


Honey ingredients:

  • Honey includes water, fructose and glucose, and many nutrients like enzymes, amino acids, vitamins, and many more
  • But the biggest honey advantage is that honey contains more fructose so it’s sweeter. That helps us use less quantity of honey, something very beneficial because we can enjoy sweet and tasty foods, desserts, etc with fewer calories.
  • But also honey, except from taste, and calories, is very beneficial thanks to the vitamins it contains, and it is a fantastic choice for your breakfast or for a snack to get energy and freshness.


Sugar basics:

  • Sugar is a combination of fructose and glucose which when combined give sucrose.
  • Sugar belongs to the category of carbohydrates while its production is made from sugar beets. There are various types of sugar in the trade and in grocery stores such as brown, white, which is used more and more, and raw.
  • Brown sugar consists of white sugar and molasses and is mainly used in cooking and baking.
  • Raw sugar has large crystals and a light brown color.


Which is the best for you:

Honey is undoubtedly a product that you can use it in a wide variety of foods and snacks. If you want to make a healthy tasty breakfast to start your day with energy and freshness then honey is the best!


  • If you work and you want to have a healthy snack to get fast and healthy energy then honey is exactly what you need.
  • Are you watching TV and you want a light calories dinner? Then a yogurt with honey is a delicious dessert!!
  • Are you having a barbeque and you want to make fantastic sauces? Choose honey and combine it with tomatoes and other
  • vegetables to create delicious sauces and marinades.
  • Are you on a trip and you sit in front of the sea or on a mountain and want to drink tea? Then the honey is the best to
  • sweeten your drink.
  • Are you on a trip and you sit in front of the sea or on a mountain and want to drink tea? Then the honey is the best to
  • sweeten your drink.
  • Or maybe you want to make some sweet desserts with syrup for your family? Choose honey to make nutritious and delicious desserts that everyone will adore from the first bite.

As we can see honey has plenty of benefits and uses and that’s why millions of consumers choose it every day for their daily food.

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