European organic honey, a liquid natural treasure!

organic hives

Beekeeping has been one of the main agricultural activities for people since the ancient era.

One of the main reasons this happened was that man used honey a lot in his daily diet and cuisine. Why?

Thanks to the excellent taste of honey but also its unique organoleptic ingredients.


Beekeeping, like any other kind of agricultural activity, is separated into conventional and organic. The difference between the two types has to do mainly with the use or not of chemicals in terms of protection, nutrition, and more broadly in the process of beekeeping


But what are the characteristics that distinguish organic honey?


The location of the beehives should be away from polluted areas. Ideally, they should be found in mountains, near the sea and in places without pollution.


  • In organic beekeeping, bees feed on sufficient amounts of pollen and honey that we have left in the hives. In contrast to conventional beekeeping where an amount of glucose is used in the diet of bees.

In organic beekeeping, the use of antibiotics and chemical drugs is prohibited, either preventively or therapeutically. On the contrary, protection and treatment are done with organic methods that include actions such as:

  • Use of organic breeds
  • Removal of contaminated material
  • regular renewal in queens
  • Sufficient pollen in the hives
  • Regular candle renewal



Another very important feature of organic beekeeping is the great respect for the bee.

Besides, let's not forget that the bee is the big protagonist of beekeeping. Without her, there is nothing of this liquid gold.

For example, in organic beekeeping, it is forbidden to kill any bees for harvesting reasons or any other reason.

Especially for the harvesting process should be used natural methods of repelling bees and never the use of chemical or other synthetic methods.

The hives should be made of natural materials that are completely safe for the bees.



Organic beekeeping is one of the best ways to produce high-quality food, an ancient method that offer us the biggest nature treasure, organic honey!!






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